Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Global Outreach to the Philippines

19th -25th October 2009—Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering (FBB) lecturers, Assoc Prof Dr Fahrul Zaman Huyop and Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan had organized an academic delegation to the Philippines. The seven day program is part of the Global Outreach initiative undertaken by UTM to expose local students on the current advancement of biotechnology abroad. The group is also accompanied by nine post-graduate students and two undergraduate students. SAYANG BINTI BABA shares her experience in Philippine with BIOPOST. 

 Our delegation was welcomed by Dr. RV Pakingking of the South East Asian Fisheries Development Centre – Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC) and we spent three days and two nights at the Aquaculture Department (AQD).

During our stay, we were brought to tour around the different facilities and research centre there.

South East Asian Fisheries Development Center – Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC) is a research centre located at Iloilo.

The centre consisted of extensive building such as freshwater fish/salt/brackish fisheries museum, brackish water fish ponds, and research laboratories, including the central "Hatcheries" fish, shrimp, crabs and Abalone.

Besides local researchers,  there are few post graduate students from UTM currently doing their research at  SEAFDEC cooperation.

Some 40 kilometres away from Iloilo, we were brought to an actual swimming fish farming in Dumangas. The site functions as a commercialisation hub for the fishing industry.

On the 21st, our delegation was invited to visit University of the Philippines  (Visayas Campus). There, we were briefed by Professor Dr. Minda Chancelor on the university’s organizational structure and current research development. Besides a short tour at the university, our delegation also participated in an informal poster and oral presentation.

The next day, we were invited by the Philippine Society for Microbiology to present at the Annual Meeting &Regional Scientific Convention of Philippine Society for Microbiology.

During the convention, Prof Dr Fahrul Zaman Huyop and Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan presented a talk along with Azzmer Azzar Abdul Hamid  a post graduate student.

On the same day, we were also invited to a cultural night organized by the Philippine Society for Microbiology.

The cultural night focused on the local folk dance that is largely influenced by Spanish culture that  colonized the Philippines for more than 300 years.

Besides the knowledge gained, we are also intrigued by the hospitality shown by the researchers there. 
In future, we hope this programme can be continued as it has left a great "impact" on us as students.
We also hope that our visit will spark the interest on others in the faculty to organize a Global Outreach trip elsewhere. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talk by Prof Dr. Rosli

23rd February 2011 (Wed)—the dean of Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering (FBB), Prof Dr. Rosli Md Illias presented a talk titled 'Extracellular Protein Production: Can E.coli do it?’ at the C08 lecture hall. This secession of the monthly academic program was organised by Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling Group (BIRG) of FBB.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Intellectual Discourse

26th January 2011 (Wed)-Dr. Sallehhuddin Hamdan, our Head Department of Postgraduate Studies presented an intellectual discourse entitled ‘CAR Expression as a limiting factor for Adenovirus Gene Therapy’ yesterday at CO8-408 lecture room. 

The one hour presentation was attended by almost 50 Faculty of Bioscience and Bioengineering (FBB) post graduate students. Our faculty dean, Prof Rosli and lecturers like Dr.Azman and En.Nik were also present for the monthly discourse.

The discourse is a monthly program undertaken by the UTM FBB PostGrad Society in attempt to foster a knowledge loving community among our post graduate students. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bengkel Kemahiran Berpersatuan dan Watikah Perlantikan 2010

Fakulti Biosains & Biokejuruteraan (FBB) dengan kerjasama UTM Biosciences & Bioengineering Post-Graduate Society telah menganjurkan ‘Bengkel Kemahiran Berpersatuan dan Watikah Perlantikan’ pada hari Selasa dan Rabu yang lalu bertempat di Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM. 

Bengkel tersebut dihadiri oleh 22 orang mahasiswa undergraduate yang mewakili kelab Symbiosis dan seramai 21 orang mahasiswa post-graduate yang mewakili kelab PostGrad Society.
Bengkel yang diadakan selama dua hari itu adalah bertujuan memberi pendedahan awal kepada barisan baru kelab fakulti tentang selok belok pengendalian persatuan, terutamanya dari segi pengurusan mesyuarat, kaedah pemfailan effektif dan perincian tugas setiap exco. 

Selain daripada mendengar pengisian, mahasiswa-mahasiswa juga dipertanggugjawabkan untuk menyiapkan portfolio peribadi dan juga portfolio kelab masing-masing untuk tujuan pemfailan. Usaha sebegini adalah antara langkah proaktif En. Nik Ahmad Nizam, selaku penasihat kelab fakulti untuk memastikan organisasi dan pengurusan kelab fakulti dapat diselia dengan sistematik dan terancang. 

Bengkel dua hari tersebut diakhiri dengan majlis watikah perlantikan yang telah dirasmikan oleh Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan, Ketua Jabatan post-graduate FBB. 

Tahniah diucapkan kepada semua mahasiswa kelab Symbiosis dan PostGrad Society yang telah dilantik menerajui kelab bagi sesi ini. Semoga kepimpinan anda akan dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua mahasiswa dan tenaga kerja FBB!

Fail Gambar Bengkel
Fail Gambar Watikah Perlantikan